Each affiliated school’s instructor(s) must be certified by the association in order to teach under the Hoshinkido System. The minimum qualification to obtain an “Instructor Certificate” is 1st Degree Black Belt. All fees are non-refundable.

  • Promotion requirements

Each student (Red, Brown and Black Belt) will be eligible for examinations according to qualifications as stated in the Hoshinkido training guide. With few exceptions, there will be eight (8) months between each student’s examination (Red to Brown Belt, Brown to Black Belt).

  • Promotion fees (Under Black Belt)

Promotion fees are set by the individual affiliated schools. A certificate of rank will be issued for each student by the President of the International Hoshkinkido Federation, chairman of the Promotion Board and also by the chief instructor of the school. A ” Rank Card” will also be issued for each student of an affiliated school prior to their first rank promotion. This card is to be maintained by school/instructor and the completed card returned to the International Hoshinkido Headquarters with the Rank Application and promotion fee. Replacement cards are available at the cost of $15,00 US each.