The International Hoshinkido Federation offers you the following advantages:

  • An international recognized rank and Dan certifications by the Korean government.
  • An opportunity to participate in seminars conducted by Grandmaster Serge Baubil either at your school or at his headquarters in Montreal, CANADA.
  • A commitment to high standards of excellence that can only enhance your school’s reputation as an affiliate.
  • And the most important, An Hoshinkido Martial Art,recognised for is complete and universal self-defense system

Experience the Korean tradition, variety and power with the International Hoshinkido Federation.



Membership in the International Hoshinkido Federation is divided into three (3) categories:

Seminars are available in your school with week-end “intensive” courses
Training Guides by GUP and Dan are available on DVD/CD.

All Dan Certification are issued directly by Grandmaster Serge Baubil, Founder and President of the International Hoshinkido Federation.

* Please note that the International Hoshinkido Federation headquarters is also a Training Center.